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Let's get it started.

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Well well well.... look what we have here! I am so pumped to launch the FBC and to welcome each of you to my wonderful new world of business strategy. The FlowBiz concept has been in the works for close to six months and I am thrilled to finally share it with the world!

My pivot into consulting came about once I realized that my experience couldn't quite be siloed into one general service offering. The people who know me best would likely say I'm creative, organized, and ambitious. (I'm also a bit of a sassy pants, but we can get to that later.) Most would probably label me as a marketing and events chick. But while I come from a predominantly marketing background, this girl ain't no one trick pony! My work in other disciplines such as strategy, HR, branding, and operations are worth noting as well. I chose to take the leap into business consulting because I believe that by adding these practices to my service offerings, FlowBiz Collective is a true one-stop shop for businesses looking to make a change.

Sometimes an outside perspective can help you identify concerns that may be hidden from you from the inside. This approach gives business owners a fresh perspective and the ability to identify gaps in a new way across the organization. Once these challenges are brought to light, we can tackle them head-on and develop strategies to address and correct them. We work together to create a game plan and put it into action; ultimately, turning company pain points into opportunities for improvement, growth, and success.

So that's all for now! Just a quick Monday post introducing FlowBiz Collective to my network and let you all know I'm here to help your business however I can. Please check in for updates, articles, and tips that can benefit your business. If you think you may be interested in potentially working together, I'd be honored to schedule a chat to learn more about you, your organization, where you want to be, and how the FBC can help get you there. Please shoot me an email or fill out the contact form here!

Looking forward to getting this party started, making a difference, and having some fun along the way! Thanks for the read and support. Have a great week!

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