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who we are

FlowBiz Collective redefines business consulting by infusing robust growth tactics with a focused understanding of small business dynamics. We specialize in navigating complex challenges, optimizing systems, and amplifying brands, and we're here to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.  Together, we will delve into the heart of your organization and craft an inclusive blueprint to guide you through your current challenges with intention, clarity, and strategic grace.

what we do

FlowBiz Collective uses a holistic approach to strategic consulting. Our method assesses all angles of an organization, not only revealing inefficiencies and opportunities, but laying the concrete foundation for a tailored growth strategy.  By tearing down silos and synchronizing efforts, the many rhythms of business align, creating a unified vision and activating the full potential of each department. This new-found corporate ethos boasts synergy, creativity, and authenticity. And this is how the whole transformation begins.

our mission

The mission of FlowBiz Collective mirrors the journey of the lotus flower- rise, reach, radiate. We empower the growth of business owners, guiding them through murky complexities to clear, calm waters where they can flourish.  We are dedicated to helping businesses bloom with grace through clarity and strategic insights, fostering a culture of growth 

our vision

FlowBiz Collective cultivates a conscious shift in business practices by integrating purpose, people, and prosperity. We foresee a future where forward-thinking organizations emerge from the depths of their challenges, unveiling vibrant petals of inner beauty and potential, and inspiring a business landscape that values growth, harmony, and innovation. 

We envision a business landscape where every company blooms with purpose.

HEY YOU! I'm Lindsay.

photo of Lindsay King Culver, owner of FlowBiz Collective.

I'm the architect behind the scenes here, the one who took a chance on the play-your-own-way approach to business consulting. Most consultants deliver suggestive solutions, crazy hourly rates, and a plan to do it all for you as the 'expert'.


That's not how we do business. 

I thrive on creating connections that ignite sparks, bridge gaps, and make waves. I established FlowBiz Collective to shift small business owners' mindset from reactive to proactive; to be present and honor the journey as much as the destination. My mission is to breathe life into organizations by providing transformative business solutions to elevate, empower, and align.

Our consultations enable breakthroughs and vision. They generate "AHA" moments and excitement.  Our strategy sessions establish a collective clarity on your vision and goals, and a precise roadmap to get you from here to there. These game plans don't just tick boxes- they shatter expectations.


Anyway... when I'm not huddled over my laptop with work or nerding out exploring new AI trends...


I live for life's simple pleasures: music that pulls at my heartstrings, subtle jokes and humor, laughing til my belly hurts, the serenity of the waves in the ocean,  and those random "micro-moments" of peace and joy. You might call me a spiritual nomad with a stoic outlook; I try to journey through both business and life with an open heart, an open mind, a thirst for knowledge, and good vibes, Oh, and how could I forget? My playlist to keep me grounded.​


It's time for a new regime and your girl is starting a movement! Who's coming with me?!

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